Why Buy a Hot Tub?

Why Buy A Hot Tub?

The answer can be summed up by one simple word…”Wellness”

The benefits to owning a hot tub can be explained from many different points of view but the most simple and purest reason is your very own personal wellness. It’s safe to say that personal wellness is something that we are all concerned about. As we age our bodies change. For some of us there are aches and pains that we have grown accustomed to seem to resonate in the background of our daily lives. Time itself is not kind to our joints and muscle tissue. In this day and age there are many activities and products that we can pursue to help address these changes in our personal wellness.


For our company and mission to address personal wellness we have chosen to offer our customers their own personal hot tub. We have aligned ourselves with the leading manufacturer in hot tubs, Watkins Wellness (http://www.watkinsmfg.com/) . Watkins Wellness has put together the most innovative, therapeutic features into our Caldera Spa line of hot tubs. But before we go into the Caldera Spa line lets visit some of the wellness benefits of buying your own spa from us. 

The brilliant minds at Watkins Wellness have put together some fantastic articles that are published on their Caldera Spas website. Instead of trying to duplicate the findings on the Caldera Spas site for our own site here, we have organized the links and published them below for you to read. 

“The Power of Warm Water”

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“Hot Tub Circuit Therapy”

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Check out what some of our customers have to say about how their Caldera Spa help them live and feel better…

“We are a skiing family and purchased a Caldera Makena last fall. Coming home to soak in our spa after a long day out at Bristol is the best. Our spa has a ton of pressure that melts away the aches and pains. Our son plays hockey too and his recovery time after practices/ games seems so much shorter. Mike told us that warm water therapy would help loosen tension in our muscles and that a spa would be the perfect fir for our active family. He was right!
“We bought our new spa this past Spring. I was going to surprise my wife with a smaller 2 person deal for just her and I but she saw the charge on our account and it ruined the surprise. It was a blessing because we ended up cancelling the 2 person spa and buying a bigger one that could fit our whole family. I was going to write the Brothers a review about our Caldera Vanto and all the features but that stuff is pretty much the same with all hot tubs. I wrote them this review because of what it did for our family. Im in sales and am rarely home throughout the week. We have a 15 year old, 13 year old, and 9 year old. I never thought having a hot tub would get my kids off their phones and games to spend a little time with their mother and I. It has become our Saturday night family ritual. Its the best hour of my week. If I knew owning a hot tub would bring me closer to my kids I would have bought one years ago.” 
” I have had my Caldera Martinique for almost a year now and have been very happy with it. I have previously owned 3 hot tubs in my life so this is 4th new spa that I have bought brand new. I consider myself to be a healthy widow at the blossoming age of 67. Comparing my first hot tub to the one I own now is like comparing roses to dandelions. This spa has so many jets and it fits me perfect. I don’t think I would be able to move the way I do at my age if it weren’t for owning a spa. After soaking daily for the past 22 years I am living proof that a hot tub keeps you feeling young. Thank you Krossber Brothers for taking me seriously when most stores wouldn’t. I will buy my next one from you too!  
” I love our new Caldera Niagara from Krossber Brothers. I suffer from fibromyalgia and my doctor has told me for years that a hot tub would help ease my pain. My husband and I finally made the decision to buy one with the main focus being therapy for me. I cant speak for others that deal with the chronic pain from this disorder but for me owning a spa has made a big difference in my life. I use my spa every morning before I start my day, as well as every night before bed. I feel better, sleep better, and am able to tolerate my pain better.” 

What do other Caldera Spa owners have to say about their spas?