Cost & Budget Planning

Spa Cost & Budget Planning

Lets talk about the parts of the discussion we are both already anticipating…cost.

Cost doesn’t have to be the dreaded “elephant” in the showroom when it comes to shopping for a pool or spa. After all the cost ends up being a big deciding factor when shopping for a pool or spa.  So let’s talk about hot tub cost and then we can go into pool costs through the link at the bottom of this page. 
When you begin shopping for a new hot tub you will find that there are many different price points and it is not always clear what is included with those price points. Some stores include a cover, cover lifter, steps, chemicals, and even delivery with the price of their spas and other stores might only include the tub itself and nothing else. It is critical to know what is included in the initial price because the “lowest” advertised price, or the price that the salesman gives you initially may end up being too good to be true. It is best to establish what is included with the purchase of a spa from their store before you even look at a specific model. This helps to establish a baseline of what you can expect to be included in the pricing that the salesman will eventually give as you begin to shop their spas.

*KB Price Tip- Ask what is included with the purchase of a new spa from their store before looking at specific spas in the showroom.

Now that you have an idea of what will be included with the purchase of a spa from the store that you are in, you can begin to work with the salesman and look at specific models in the showroom. This is where a traditional misconception may cloud up your judgement as you shop. The first misconception is size of the spa vs. price of the spa. A 3-4 person spa will not always be less expensive than a 6-8 person spa. Go into the showroom with an open mind when looking at the size of the spas being displayed. It is not the size of the spa that determines price, it’s the overall features and design that are built into the spa. This is where research and quality comes into play. You most likely did some research online before going into the store. The features, build quality, how it’s insulated, how many pumps, jetting, and all the other components that make up the price of the spa come into play here. What those features mean to you is also a big factor. You certainly don’t want to be paying for features that have less meaning to you. (For example: If the spa has a stereo system but you are not interested in that feature, keep in mind that the stereo system adds to the price of the spa). Every feature on the tub has a cost, those costs make up the price.  During this time the salesman will be going over the spa features and looking to build value in those features with you so that you can begin to justify the price. Our advice is to seek out the features that best fit your needs and focus on the spas that highlight these features.

KB Price Tip-  Pay close attention to the features, apply your research and ask about these features such as:
How the spa is built / How it’s insulated

Pumps – How many?

Led Lighting

Stereo / Music

Now that you have looked at some of the models and the features that they offer you should have a better understanding where the value of the spa meets the price. This is where what’s included with the initial price comes into play. 

Initially a salesman or store might structure their pricing to have many of the extra accessories hidden in the pricing. Its up to you on what type of shopper you are. Do you want the absolute bottom line price on the spa and then pick what accessories you want? Or do you want the salesman/ dealer to make that decision for you and already have those extra item built into the price. Those are the two big differences you will encounter. We like to be as competetive as we can and offer the absolute bottom line price on our spas and then let our customers decide for themselves if some of the accessories are worth the investment. If you decide that certain accessories appeal to you then we offer them with the spa at incredibly low package pricing. 

KB Price Tip- Make sure the spa that you are purchasing doesn’t have any hidden accessory costs built into the price. Get the best deal on the spa and then go after those accessories.

Our last piece of advice when budgeting for your new spa is to also understand that there are other factors to consider in the overall cost of your new spa even after the purchase. Site prep (patio / deck), electrical, and overall efficiency come into play. Buying a hot tub is a big investment. Taking things slow, doing the proper research, and ultimately buying a spa from someone you build trust with will result in a happy buying experience within your budget.  Follow these budget planning steps below as a general starting point for your spa purchase:

Budget Plan:

1) Site plan and cost (deck/ patio)

2) Electrical requirement and cost

3) Spa cost 

4) What to expect with electrical efficiency and water care costs of spa