Cost & Budget Planning

Pool Cost & Budget Planning

Lets talk about the parts of the discussion we are both already anticipating…cost.

Cost doesn’t have to be the dreaded “elephant” in the showroom when it comes to shopping for a pool or spa. After all the cost ends up being a big deciding factor when shopping for a pool or spa. Lets talk about above ground swimming pool costs together. At the bottom of this page you will find a link to our advice page for hot tub costs.

When you begin shopping for a swimming pool there are many things to consider. Size, shape, package options, and install all play a big part in the cost of your new swimming pool. Some stores make figuring out these costs easy while others keep some of these costs “hidden” until you begin the buying process. Lets take a look at the pool shapes and what role they play in overall cost.

As you begin your research you will find that there two popular shapes for above ground pools two choose from, round and oval. Some homeowners might be restricted by space or zoning requirements and could be forced into one shape or the other by these requirements. Lets get one big piece of advice out of the way first. Round pools are less expensive up front, less expensive to install, and over all less expensive to service/ maintain than oval pools. If you have room for a round pool then you will already be further ahead budget wise than if you go with an oval pool. Another tip is that a round pool has the ability to offer more swimming room than even the largest oval above ground pool. Here’s an example of a comparison in swimming space between the two:

Largest Round Pool

Largest Oval Pool

In our examples you can see that the largest round pool has 243 sqft of additional swimming space over the oval. Even if you compare the swimming space in a standard 24′ round family size pool you have 24′ in each direction from the edge of the pool across the center of the pool. The largest oval still only offers 18′ of swimming space across the width of the pool. So dollars per square feet of swimming space is to your advantage in buying a round pool vs oval.
This install of an oval pool is also more expensive than round do to how much more involved the install is. On average an installer can install two round pools in the same time that it would take to install an oval pool. This is due to the extra support straps and side buttress supports that an oval needs in order to maintain its shape and structural integrity. This higher expense for an oval also applies to the liner and replacement install cost down the road.
KB Price Tip- If you can fit a round pool in your yard, you will save money. The size of your new pool will also play a part in the cost. Round pools will typically be offered in sizes from 15′ round, all the way up to 33′. They are typically offered in 3′ increments (15′, 18′, 21′, 24′, 27′, 30′, 33′). Oval pools have several standard sizes too (12 ‘x 24’, 15 ‘x 30′, 18′ x 33’). To go to the next size larger or smaller usually isn’t a very large cost difference. The biggest cost factor when shopping for a pool is the pool package itself. The pool package will consist of necessary components like the filter system, ladder, etc. It is key to do some research into the pool package that a store is offering. The brand of those components is very important when comparing cost between stores. Most stores buy their pools from the same places and pretty close to the same prices. Its the pool package and the brand of the package items that can cause a big difference between stores. 

KB Price Tip- Ask for an itemized list of what comes in the pool package and the brands of those items.

You can find an example of our pool package (Here)

Our last piece of advice when budgeting for your new pool is to also understand that there are other factors to consider in the overall cost of the project even after the purchase. Install, electrical, landscaping, and cost of maintenance are pieces to the entire budget. Taking things slow, doing the proper research, and ultimately buying a pool package from someone you build trust with will result in a happy buying experience within your budget.  Follow these budget planning steps below as a general starting point for your pool purchase:


Budget Plan:

1) Site plan and cost/ install
2) Electrical cost
3) Pool package cost
4) What to expect with water care products and regular maintenance