Benefits to Owning a Swimming Pool

Benefits to Owning a Swimming Pool

So why own a pool? What are the benefits? These are questions that we hear quite often once warm weather sets in. We figured that creating a page on our learning center to address these questions would be a great way to prepare you for your visit into your local pool store. So lets dive right in, pun intended!

Household Benefits:

  • Creating a backyard vacation for years of enjoyment
  • Becoming the “hub” of family birthday parties
  • Keeping your kids safe in your own backyard
  • Family time away from technology/ distractions
  • Cannon ball wars!

Individual Benefits:

  • Soaking in water promotes wellness & relaxation
  • Building muscle endurance & cardiovascular fitness
  • Helps to maintain healthy heart and lungs
  • Less impact stress as opposed to other fitness activities

There’s something to be said about having a pool party with your family on a hot summer day. Picture your grill sizzling with burger and hot dogs. A bowl of fresh macaroni salad on the patio table. Ice cold lemonade to quench your thirst. The kids are playing a game of marco/polo in the pool. After dinner everyone is going to grab their favorite pool float and relax in the refreshing crystal clear pool water. No cell phones, no distractions, just family time. 

Each and every summer weekend can be just like this. Doesn’t that sound perfect?