About Us

About Us

Look No Further, Your Backyard Vacation Starts Here!

Is this the year that you meet the Krossber Brothers and find out that not all pool stores are the same?

Whether you are in the market for a new hot tub, pool, or maybe just stopping by for some water care or free advice, you have ended up here and we appreciate the opportunity to help you in any way that we can. Here at Krossber Brothers we strive to show people the value in choosing us as your #1 source for all of your pool and spa needs. We promise to do whatever it takes to earn your business and show you that we have a true passion for this line of work. We choose to carry only the best in quality and let our competitors fight over who can advertise the lowest prices and too good to be true offers. Trust us when we say to you that in this business, you truly get what you pay for, no exceptions. That’s why our focus first is quality and customer satisfaction.

Stop by or contact us if you have any questions.

We have spent years in the industry and have plenty of advice for anyone considering a spa or pool. Our goal is not just to sell you on our products, but to educate you on these types of products so that you truly get what you want and do not fall victim to false expectations. Be sure to visit our KB Learning Center where you can find answers to all the questions you might have as a prospective shopper or owner of pools/spas. You will also have access to our “Salesman Cheat Sheet” here on our website that will help equip you for those encounters and questions out in stores when you are approached on the sales floor. If you have any advice or want to share your experiences with us or any other pool store please do, we use this advice to help us grow and better shape our business to better suit your needs. Thanks for stopping by!

Meet the KB Team

Debbie Krossber

Office – “Mom”


Chad Krossber

Wellness Expert


Jeremiah Sickmond

Wellness Expert


Tom Allen “TJ”

Water Care Specialist

Eric Frarey

Pool Service & Liner Specialist


Ian Kinsella

Pool Service Specialist

Mike Krossber



Jim Krossber



How it all began…

Brothers Mike and Jim Krossber are the owners of Krossber Brothers Pools and Spa. The brothers have been working together in the pool and spa industry since 2001. They both started their careers at a pool store in a neighboring town. After years of hard work, continuing education, and dedication to their community the brothers opened their store in Farmington NY. From the beginning, Jim developed a knack for pool service, repairs, and water care. While Jim focused his education on the pool end of the business, Mike applied himself into hot tub sales and service. Together they bring a powerful combination of sales and service knowledge to their customers. Their logo and “KB” seal stand as a symbol to the community and their customers that their dedication to customer service goes unrivaled. When you see this seal you can take comfort in knowing your pool or spa is in good hands. 
“Thank you for your interest in our store and products. We love what we do and plan to be here as your personal pool and spa experts for many years to come.”
                                       Mike & Jim Krossber

Awards & Recognition

 2016 Best new Caldera dealer

2016 Freeflow Spas Marketing Award

2017 Northeastern Area Dealer Of The Year

2018 Northeastern Area Dealer Of The Year

2018 Silver Club Outstanding Sales Achievement Award