All Seats vs. Lounger

All Seats Vs. Lounger

Are you torn between choosing a tub with a lounger vs a tub with all seats? Do you know the difference? No worries, we are here to help you with this tough decision!

Lets take a look at the differences…

Characteristics of a lounger tub include:
  • A molded full body lounger to lay down in
  • Therapeutic jetting that targets your entire body from neck to feet
  • Less “upright” seating in exchange for “lay down” full body therapy
Advantages to a lounger:
  • Full body circuit therapy without having to move from seat to seat
  • Having a custom molded lounger that is made to lay down in instead of try to lounge sideways in an upright seat
Characteristics of a lounger tub include:
  • Additional ergonomic “upright” seating in place of a “lay-down” lounger seat
  • Therapeutic jetting that targets different parts of your neck, shoulders, and back depending on which seat you are in
Advantages to having “all seats”:
  • Being able to fit more bathers without having to go with a larger spa. (The lounger takes up more space)
  • Having extra seating that gives you more options with your “circuit therapy” (rotating around the tub to each seat, focusing on one muscle group at a time)

What is ” Hot Tub Circuit Therapy” and how does this effect my decision?

Hot Tub Circuit Therapy is something that Caldera Spas emphasizes on when designing their tubs. The best way to explain it is to compare it to circuit training. It is a holistic approach to hydrotherapy. Each seat and lounger is carefully designed to target specific muscle groups just like circuit training in physical fitness. Both lounger and non-lounger tubs can satisfy your Hot Tub Circuit Therapy needs so this would be more of a personal preference decision when you are out shopping for a tub.

So what’s better? What does the Krossber Brothers team have to say?

Well, like most things in our industry it truly comes down to what fits your needs better. We have been doing this for quite some time and over the years we have seen the popularity for one vs the other shift quite a bit. Some folks buy a tub with a lounger and then find out that they float once the jets are turned on. This is disappointing because then they cannot enjoy the full effect of what a lounger has to offer. Other folks buy a non-lounger tub and then find themselves trying to get the lounger experience by turning sideways in their seating and sprawling across several seats to try and get a full body massage.
Here at Krossber Brothers our advice is to shop carefully. Some manufacturers out there have paid close attention in designing their loungers in order to address any floating issues. By designing a lounge that keeps your legs higher and your center mass lower this helps to keep you “seated” in the lounge. Some manufactures also put in “foot ridges” that allow you to lock your heels into so that you stay seated when the jets are on.

If you’re paying close attention to these details when shopping then the concern of floating out of your lounger should not be a big deciding factor in your choice between lounger and all seats. One thing is for sure in our opinion, a full body lounger that is designed properly,has targeted jetting in all the right places, and offers a full body massage goes unrivaled in hydrotherapy as opposed to a non-lounger tub. 

Now if you’re thinking that a lounger just isn’t for you then there are some pretty good perks to owning a tub with all seats. If you compare a tub that is 7′ x 7′ with a lounger versus  the same tub without a lounger then you would notice that the non lounger tub has some additional seating. This is because a lounger will usually take up quite a bit more space and in some cases an entire side of the tub.

Without the lounger you will be able to fit more bathers.You are able to stay with a smaller footprint spa and fit more people in it as opposed to going with a lounger spa the same size and fit less people in it. This would be the number one reason that we see when people choose a tub with all seats over a lounger. 

Things to look for in a properly designed lounger

Foot Ridge

Lower Seat / Higher Legs

We know you will be happy no matter what style spa you end up choosing but we hope that this info helps you while you’re researching out there.  There are so many things to consider when shopping for a spa and we are here to be your personal experts in the industry. Please don’t hesitate to ask us your questions. We love what we do and that means helping you in any way that we can!